Universal Tile 3D Printing 28mm Tabletop Terrain - STL Files

Created by Hayland Terrain

28mm Terrain For 3d Printing

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal # 14 Updated - Prison Set & Future New Models
over 4 years ago – Wed, May 10, 2017 at 08:20:36 PM

From backer feedback we have added even more to the prison set!

 this includes a new Cell option solitary confinement, Single Bed, Cell Wall with window!


We have also been working on a few new model of oil drums, these are a work in progress!

 Let us know what you think! and also what you would love to see.

Small Update! Progress of Woodlands and new graphics!
over 4 years ago – Tue, May 09, 2017 at 08:19:53 PM

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our new backers we are glad to have you!

We just wanted to say thank you for joining us, and to show off some of the new scenery we have been working on,

Woodland Normal and Damaged preview!

We will be releasing this in a few days ;)

Also we Have updated the £40 Pledge Graphics showing what you get for £40!

Let us know what you think! also what else you would love to see,

Also if you think we should advertise anywhere let us know!

Arcade Set is Unlocked! £4000 Reached! Stretch Goal # 14 Prison set £4400!
over 4 years ago – Tue, May 09, 2017 at 02:53:11 PM

Arcade Set has been unlocked!

 Now up next we have the prison set! this will be reached at £4400!

 Printed Preview

Just want to say thank you to everyone of you so far for helping us reach this set, we have lots more planned if we can reach it! Let us know what you think :)


Future Stretch Goal - Prison Set! - WIP
over 4 years ago – Mon, May 08, 2017 at 04:00:36 PM

Hey all, We just wanted to show off what we have been working on!

We have been working on a new prison set, Here is a little preview of what we have so far!

 We still have a bunch more to add to it, Let us know what you think about it and what you would love to see!

Preview of Future Stretch goal, Test Concepts and News!
over 4 years ago – Sun, May 07, 2017 at 09:11:31 PM

Hello Everyone!

We just want to show you some new sets we been working on and some new ideas,

 This is a new set we been working on for a future stretch goal!

We have also been working on a Test Concept for Woods

Let us know what you think! and also we have released a few new optional extras

Sci-fi Grav Lift and Crates!

 Sci-fi Car set 2!

 Let us know what you would love to see and if you like what you are seeing!